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Over our lifetime, we must repeatedly overcome feelings of unhappiness and anxiety, make any number of complicated decisions and keep up the search for meaning in the chaos of it all. The particularities of these circumstances may be unique to each individual but the reality is that these are existential challenges innate to life and have been since time eternal. It is important that we spend energy reflecting on, coping with, and taking on these sometimes overwhelming feelings and thoughts. Besides troubling our personal & emotional states, these problems affect our family, relationships & friendships, work life and outlook on the world. But even as we experience these problems for the first times in our lives, generations before us, from various cultures and times in history, have left us with a lot to consider and reflect on.
'Philosophy' in philosophical counseling refers to both the historical, multi-disciplinary catalog of ideas, reflections, and assessments about life that have been filtered down to us throughout time as well as the method of inquiring, analyzing & defining and deconstructing & creating meaning where possible.


Philosophical Counseling is one way to approach these existential problems. It is an intervention where my clients dedicate time and energy to self-reflection and development not only in order to cope with emotional and practical problems but more importantly, to carry on with their lives with more knowledge, intention and power. When we have a clearer sense of what we think, believe & value and how we came into these ideas, we have space to challenge disruptive, reductive tendencies. Deciding how to think about and move through the world is a creative and empowering endeavor.


Although most of us struggle with happiness, anxiety, existential questions and other pervasive human problems- some of us are also additionally coping with chronic mental health issues, experiences of trauma and/or troubled by adverse early life experiences. Clients working on these are better supported by clinicians who specialize in coping with those particular situations. My philosophical counseling practice is best suited for folks on tackling those daunting but ambiguous or as-of-yet undefined issues.

Check out the articles, essays, and other posts below for a sense of Philosophical Counseling more generally as practiced in the United States and abroad. 


These articles do not necessarily reflect the view of Eliza McDermott or her practice at Armchair Philosophical Counseling. Hopefully they will inspire readers to ask questions about Armchair PC, especially as it relates to your search for a counselor.

Lou Marinoff of American Philosophical Practioners Association discusses Philosophical Counseling with 'Rationally Speaking' co-hosts


"Philosophical counseling tries to set free thought that’s otherwise trapped in its own fabrications.

 Dr Maria daVenza Tillmanns


"For an hour, I talked about what it was like for me to be human, and why it often feels so hard. "

Faith Hill, Editorial Fellow​


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