philosophical counseling is different than mental health therapy or psychiatry. philosophical counseling enables clients to think through and resolve personal challenges and conflicts. this practice facilitates self-discovery and


philosophical counseling is educative and revelatory. you learn about yourself by examining your thoughts, beliefs & values and how these are or aren't fully realized in your lived life. we consider changes in your belief systems over time and uncover conflicting beliefs that cause anxiety. we consider intentional resolutions to your problems that reflect the beliefs & values you strive to live by.

deep, reflexive thinking feels good and helps us thrive as you would work on the physical aspects of yourself at the gym, clients come to philosophical counseling to exercise their problem-solving & critical thinking skills. these can be neglected in our fast paced & technology-driven world but, like other muscles, our thinking capabilities also benefit from exercise and we feel better when we exercise them. philosophical counseling is dedicated time to slow down, disconnect and reflect. its restorative, nourishing, empowering and inspiring. 

in philosophical counseling, you will be guided to think about your life in terms of these philosophical considerations

  • perspective/point of view - whether taught early in life or chosen, your world-views define your interpretation of events

  • intentionality - who you want to be & how you want to live and 

  • belief systems/moral frameworks - conscious or buried, principle beliefs guide your perceptions & judgments

  • happiness/contentment - how clearly are these defined, and how do your actions support your goals?

  • personal intentions & pursuits - what do you want and why?

  • action/habits - how the in-and-outs of your daily life align with your goals, pursuits

  • contradictions & anxiety ​- complex lives create competing needs & causes stress

  • relationships to people & your community - do the people & cultures in your world support your health & happiness

looking for therapy? you may have landed here during your search for a therapist/mental health counselor. although sharing the designation 'counselor,' philosophical counseling is not about diagnosing or treating mental illness or addressing chronic mental health struggles. if you're struggling with chronic mental health issues, or a psychological or emotional disorder, you would be better served by seeking treatment provided a clinician/therapist. 

not sure where to turn? i can help, send me an email and i'll help you find a good fit.

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