philosophical counseling

a contemporary practice in applied philosophy 

can philosophy help us live better lives?

a different approach to health, happiness and wellbeing

philosophical counseling might be a great option for you if you want to talk through your personal, interpersonal or professional problems with a trained critical thinker and theoretician.

i help people gain personal clarity, define goals, solve problems & more using philosophical rather than clinical tools and approaches. i guide my clients through self-reflection and critical analysis as they consider their problems, needs and goals . 

armchair philosophical counseling is 1-1 learning work with a philosopher trained in ethics. its designed to help clients develop a better understanding of self & the world. in this way, pc helps clients control anxiety & stress and work toward health & happiness.   




philosophical counseling is not therapy although it can compliment mental health counseling. i'm not a clinician & do not diagnose or treat conditions or disorders.
not sure how to find the support you need? i can help you get connected to appropriate resources, just reach out!

for more on the relationship between pc and therapy

philosophical counseling is not life coaching- i do not advise on decision making or professional development goals.